Why ProPress vs Traditional Solder Is The Key To Success

The beauty of copper with the technology of today.

At MidOcean, we like to stay ahead of the game with the latest techniques and products available.  Whilst traditionally when you think of plumbing, you imagine a copper pipe and a blow torch… not anymore, and here’s why. It’s long been a debate over which system is best, ProPress vs traditional solder is up for discussion.

ProPress is not a new tool, it’s been around since the late 80’s, however many installations are still done the old fashioned way with pipe and solder. The ProPress vs traditional solder is a matter of discussion on many project sites, with those who embrace new technology and those that trust the traditional. Neither is right nor wrong. Every job has many possibilities.

At MidOcean MEP we have used ProPress for our installations for a few years now.  The reason for this can be attributed to many benefits. 

Here’s just a few points on ProPress vs Traditional Solder:

  1. Fire Risk – with ProPress, there are no fire risks that are usually associated with traditional soldering connections.  This is a huge benefit when working in tight spaces, as well as more practical especially in warmer climates.
  1. Wet System Safe – Another advantage over soldering, ProPress fittings can be installed without the need to drain and dry the system.  This not only saves the draining of the pipes, but minimizes the system’s downtime.  Clients get their water back much faster when the need to clear the system beforehand is no longer required.
  1. Accessibility – with ProPress, all you need is one power tool, this helps when working in tight spaces, jobs where van access is not near such as high rises or space restricted sites. As well as no flame or cleaning products, the work area is kept much tidier.
  1. Consistency – one thing you will notice immediately is the neatness and reliability of a Propress installation.  MidOcean goes one step further with the Viega Smart Connect which eliminates any chance of the fitting not sealing with its clever dot system on each ring.
  1. Speed – unlike soldering, a pipe connection can be completed in less than 40 seconds.  This releases hours of work on a busy site, to ensure projects stay on time and trades can work around each other smoothly.

At MidOcean we have seen the benefits and now ensure all our potable, hot and cold, heating, gas, solar and fire protection installations are sealed by the Viega ProPress standard.

Before deciding on your next project, why not see our standard of installations for yourself by contacting our office or viewing our past and current projects online.  

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